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Saratoga Library Hours:
Mon: 1 PM to 9 PM
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Wed: 10 AM to 6 PM
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Book-Go-Round Hours:
Sun - Fri: 12 PM - 5 PM
Sat: 10 AM - 5 PM


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Book Sales

October 24, Saturday,10am-6pm
October 25, Sunday, 1pm-4pm

Saratoga Library Community Room

25 cents each on Saturday, or $3 grocery bag full or your cloth bag equivalent on Sunday.


Friends Grant to Library Totals $141,000

Combined income from sales, memberships and donations this past fiscal year have enabled the Friends to grant $141,000 to the Saratoga Library. This includes income from the Book-Go-Round, Cafe Bookstore, Paperback Sales and Auction. These funds make it possible for the library to provide Adult, Teen and Children’s Programs, The Reading Program (Adult Literacy), Enhanced Collections (books, media, misc.) - Best Sellers, and Librarian Outreach. This funding grant would not be possible without each one of our 155 valued volunteers, who are critical to our successful operation. Thanks to all of you for helping to support our wonderful Saratoga Library.


Saratoga authors are back on display!

Books written by members of the Saratoga Authors Hall of Fame will again be on display in the library for the entire month of September.

The Saratoga Authors Hall of Fame was created in 1989 as the Friends of the Saratoga Libraries contribution to the “Celebrate Saratoga” weeklong communitywide celebration organized by the Chamber of Commerce. In 1989, the inaugural list contained about 50 names, including 34 living authors. By 2014, the list had grown to 232 names and six more will be added for the current display. Our most prolific Saratoga author of suspense novels is Gregg Andrew Hurwitz. John R. Bruning Jr. has authored or co-authored a large number of military history volumes. Our earliest author, Florence Brooks, was a poet in the early 1900s. Famous names on the list include Hollywood stars Olivia De Havilland and Joan Fontaine, and psychic Sylvia Browne. Over the years, the Friends’ programs have featured presentations from Hall of Fame authors such as Ellen Hawkes, Les Landin, Audrey Lynch, Barbara Marinacci, Willys Peck, Eleanor Kamb Ray, Bonnie Stone, and Gerald Uelman.

When they are not on display, books in the library collection are available for check out or can be viewed in the library’s reference section. However, the unique books in the Friends collection are not available for checkout.

The Friends of the Saratoga Libraries thanks all of the people involved in helping to keep track of and organize the Saratoga Authors Hall of Fame since 1989. It has been wonderful to watch the list grow and to see the range of authors writing interesting books in Saratoga. If you are an author and would like to have your book added to the Saratoga Authors Hall of Fame, please contact us at president@fslonline.org, or have the librarian put a note for us in the Friends mailbox and someone will contact you. Because the original focus and purpose of the Authors Hall of Fame was to celebrate Saratoga and Saratogans, the Hall of Fame remains limited to authors who can be verified as living or having lived in Saratoga.


Successful paperback sale calls for many hands

We had a very successful Paperback Sale at the Saratoga Library on the weekend of July 25th and 26th. On Friday morning Friends volunteers put up tables in the community room and brought over 330 banker boxes full of books from our storage area. Volunteers helped unpack the banker boxes and began putting the books out for sale on the tables. National Charity League teams (a mother-daughter charity organization) came later in the afternoon to finish putting out all the books and the Boy Scouts took all the empty boxes back to our sorting room in the library.

On Saturday we opened up at 10:00 am to a long line of customers waiting to get in. The room was very crowded the first two hours with over 80 customers. The National Charity League worked shifts all day, with the girls (7th to 12th grade) counting the customers' books at 25 cents each and collecting the money. Mothers helped too when it was very busy and helped keep the room neat, which is a big job!

On Sunday National Charity League teams were back to work the shifts. Sunday was bag sale day - $3 for a grocery bag full of books. When we closed at 4:00 pm the Boy Scouts and a crew of Friends volunteers came back to help clean up, put the tables away and put the room back the way it was. We sold 7129 books on Saturday and 140 bags of books on Sunday for a total of $2202. As you can see, it takes many volunteers to make for a successful Paperback Sale. Anyone who would like to help with our next sale October 23, 24 or 25 please contact Mary Swentzel at 408-867-3862 or mswentzel@sbcglobal.net


Author Series - Born in Berkeley by Lynn Rogers

Wednesday, September 2, 10 AM Saratoga Library Community Room

Lynn Rogers MA will be reading from her book, Born In Berkeley, the first in a series of stand alone novels beginning in the pivotal 60s. "Although written as a memoir, Caroline Ryder's account of her life and times draws heavily from the author's life experiences, a time she has come to call the Beat/Hippy axis."

Lynn grew up in Menlo Park where her father directed the US Geological Survey. She rebelled against materialism and became the youngest civil rights and peace activist in her area. One summer she found herself "on the road" with Beat Icon Neal Cassady, from Monte Sereno, questioning sexism in Ken Kesey's outlaw compound. She was the precocious kid drawing and writing poetry, influenced by the creative spirit of her elders.


Reference USA - the library’s best tool for small business

Small business owners often face marketing challenges. The library can help! Reference USA can be compared to a giant phone book of U.S. and Canadian companies. Use this database to find local B2B partners or scope out the competition. Reference USA is perfect for creating small direct marketing campaigns or gathering data on the local market for your products.

The simplest way to use Reference USA is to create a list of companies by location, size and industry. Download company details to a spreadsheet or import into your contact management application. However, Reference USA offers many other tools to help you assess the competition or plan strategy for the local market. Use Heat Maps to discern the best location for your business. Simply search on a location and industry, then Reference USA will manipulate the data for you and visualize the competition on a map.

Reference USA also offers a Chart feature that will automatically create bar or pie charts from selected data. This feature makes it easy to visualize the results of a search and incorporate them into a business plan or loan application.

Reference USA is available through the library website, www.sccl.org


September 2015 Newsletter is here!

Our Friends of Saratoga Library September 2015 Newsletter is out.
Please click here to read now.

Please click here to access the Santa Clara County Library Newsletter.



The Friends does not sell, or make available externally, its membership list. Friends is a 501 (c)(3) organization EIN 94-2831256. Your membership and donations are tax deductible as allowable by law. Donations made after July 1 are included in the following membership year.
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