Book-Go-Round Committee Managers

A Tribute to Mary Jeanne Fenn

After 27 years of service Mary Jeanne Fenn has retired as the manager of the Book-Go-Round. We are all truly grateful for her hard work and dedication. Thank you for touching our lives and strengthening our community!


“Words cannot express my admiration and thanks for all you have done to keep the Book-Go-Round efficiently running, generating income for our lovely Saratoga Library. You have dedicated so many years of selfless service to your community and saying “Thank you” just isn’t enough.


I’d love to see a written job description for all that you do, and I probably know only a small part of it: attend Friends meetings, take charge of numerous categories at the BGR, keep records of volunteers and sales, organize the paperback sales, auctions and special displays, vacuum the rug at the store, purchase supplies and keep track of inventory so that we don’t run out, work with the National Charity League and numerous Friends who staff the store, sort books, box donations, count the money and make bank deposits, decorate for the holidays, run successful Open Houses, etc., etc., etc.


Thank you also for Al’s contribution, whether it was repairing chairs and bookshelves at the store or taking care of dinner while you stayed late after closing. You two made a great team and his contribution did not go unnoticed. I could go on for pages, but the bottom line is that you are very much appreciated for so much that you have done, for the countless hours that you have spent and the phenomenal contribution you have made to our community. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!” - Marilyn Manies


“Thank you, Mary Jeanne, for being such an outstanding leader, showing us the true meaning of hard work and dedication. The Saratoga book-loving community owes you a gigantic bouquet of gratitude!” - Anne S. Cunningham


“What a pleasure it has been to know and volunteer with Mary Jeanne for the past 12 years. Her exemplary Management style was more on the professional level then that of a volunteer. Even though there were over 150 volunteers working for the BGR, Mary Jeanne was aware of what we were all doing to support the store. As category managers, she encouraged us to know our department and the books we received. She was always visible. Never turning down large donations, she even recruited my third garage stall to house a large donation that needed quick storage. Her involvement with the BGR was endless. We will miss Mary Jeanne as our Manager but hopefully she will continue being involved with the store in other capacities. Thank you Mary Jeanne for all you have done! You have set a high mark for us all to follow.” - Bette Loomis



Bobbi Stek and Kristin Gragnola

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